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Team Members

Patty Post is a professional Master Astrologer, based in the Netherlands.  Whilst Dutch is her native language, she has an excellent command of the English language and speaks fluent English.  She works as a full-time astrological coach in her personal practice, fusing development-oriented astrology, psychology and coaching techniques, thus helping clients to make informed decisions in their own development.  A certified Master in Evolutionary Astrology and a trained psychologist and NLP Master Practitioner, Patty has spent 25 years working on the corporate side in Human Resources related disciplines.  Patty is very personable, friendly, direct and professional and she will provide significant insights into the astrological influences that are in your personal chart to aid the Elite Mentoring Program.  You can find further information about Patty on her website  www.pattypost.nl  Patty also has other corporate skills such as coaching, counselling, training, and psychology, amongst others, that would benefit the bespoke Corporate Program and currently runs a successful practice in the Netherlands advising corporate clients (as well as personal) using the mathematical science of Astrology to get the best from senior staff and increase the profitability of their business.

Patty has also recently given a TED talk to Engineers in the Netherlands and appeared in the Netherlands’ Vogue Magazine. (August 2019), discussing astrology.

Caroline Cousins and Patty: The Elite Program