ThetaHealing®, DNA 1 and 2

"Advanced energy healing that will enable you to change on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually" - Vianna Stibal,
Creator of ThetaHealing™.


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Real change in your life starts here...

Good health encompasses our mind, body and spirit and therefore to achieve optimum health we need to treat ourselves holistically. It isn't just about not being unwell, it is about freedom of our spirit and mind to be able to express ourselves without limitation in a way that benefits us and others. How we think is what we become and it creates our immediate environment in which we live.

We limit ourselves on a daily basis, sometimes without realising. Of course society's laws and regulations have to be respected and observed, but what about our own laws and regulations that we set ourselves?  How often do we restrict our own enjoyment out of life or stop ourselves from doing things that others can do seemingly so easily and effortlessly?  How many of us are going through life with low self-worth and low self-esteem?  Wouldn't it be great to enjoy life to the full being able to do everything we have always wanted to do with ease and with peace in our hearts?  So, who or what is stopping us? The answer is, of course, we are!  We have full control of our lives and our thoughts and actions create our reality.

The tip of the iceberg...

The iceberg is a perfect metaphor for describing our mind.  The part that is above the water is our conscious part of the mind where we are conscious of everyday behaviours, beliefs, emotions, etc., but underneath lies the vast mass of information that isn't always operating in a way to serve you best where all experiences are stored, behaviours originate and hurts and blockages are often remembered that prevent us from living the life we truly want.  More than 95% of our communication is subconscious so whatever is taking place within your subconscious mind is constantly being communicated to the outside world, which includes all the relationships you have in your life whether they are work, social, loving, family or passing relationships.  That's a scary thought if you are unaware of what beliefs are running in your subconscious mind but actually the old saying "we are the company that we keep" is very true.   Look around you and you can see what beliefs your subconscious has by the health of all your relationships.  Look at your environment.  Do you have everything you want?  Everything that is happening in your immediate environment is a direct result of your subconscious mind.  Are you successful?  Do you have plenty of money? Are you healthy?  Do you have low self esteem?  Are you happy?  If you have everything you want and need then look no further.  But if you haven't then the chances are that you are running subconscious belief patterns that are no longer serving you and the wonderful thing about these is that they can be changed.  You CAN create the life you want.  You have the power to do so.  There is nothing blocking you other than yourself and your own belief patterns.  Clear your mind, change your world.

Let us help you clear your blockages to a happy life...

Tara Health Solutions specialises in clearing blockages from your subconscious mind so that you can live a happy and fulfilling life.  A life of joy, peace and contentment, creating a life that you want, no matter what you have been through in your life or what obstacles are before you now.  So many people carry issues relating to self esteem and low self worth and therefore go through their lives accepting their "lot" in life without realising that they are carrying around belief systems that can be easily changed to enable them to live life to the full.  Theta Healing, EFT and hypnotherapy can help you to remove these subconscious/energy blockages holding you back.  The blockages could be low self-worth, low self-esteem, never being successful or earning enough money or perhaps you feel there is always "something" that you can't put your finger on that gets in the way.  The probability is that you are running beliefs in your subconscious mind that are not serving you and are preventing you from earning more money or feeling good about yourself, or moving forward in life.  This applies to health too.  All these can be changed very easily with all the therapies offered, but particularly with Theta Healing which can change information stored in our DNA so that we can create the life we really want to live.  Everything is in our power to change.  We need to change what is going on subconsciously as well as changing some of our everyday habits and start taking responsibility for what happens to us in our own lives instead of blaming circumstances and governments and other people.  We create our own reality from our thought processes.  With this in mind, what would you like to create?  Clear your mind, change your world.