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I’ve watched so many of my clients totally transform their lives

Do you want to experience abundance in every aspect of your life?

Abundance comes in many forms, including joy, health, relationships, romance, love, prosperity, money, opportunities, travel, and so on.

Clients I work with typically have a great self-awareness and are consciously ‘awake’, yet also feel that they have reached a glass ceiling in some aspect of their lives where they can’t seem to push further and that brings with it disempowering frustration.

For example, you KNOW you are capable of so much more and want to reach the next level but you can’t find out what is standing between you and greater levels of abundance.

Success is about feeling the ultimate satisfaction in what you do and how you live.

Success isn’t just about making lots of money, having a super-yacht and a flashy sports car. It’s about feeling the ultimate satisfaction in what you do, living a lifestyle that is filled with joy and experiencing love and contentment.  It’s also about having great and rewarding relationships with people and living a life that is truly engaging and fulfilling, doing a job you absolutely love so that every way it feels like play to you and you get paid for it too! 

If you feel that something is holding you back, then you are probably right.

We are filled with programs, beliefs, judgements, memories and feelings at subconscious levels, held within our energy bodies and these are formed in early childhood through experiences and watching what others do, as well as from other experiences in lifetimes that are, as yet, unresolved.  In addition, we also carry within us the energy of previous generations and their programs held within our DNA.  Just because Great Aunt Agatha had a specific behaviour or condition, does not automatically mean you have to have it.  We do not inherit disease.  We inherit programs, beliefs, judgements, etc., and unless we release or change these, we end up manifesting the same conditions as our ancestral predecessors.

We are not limited to the programs contained within our DNA.

Now of course, there are some things the Soul wants us to experience through the human condition and for some personal conditions, there is no getting away from that at this level of consciousness in some cases.  Otherwise, we can successfully change our programming and energy at DNA level which can bring a finite closure to some ancestral and other lifetime patterns and totally change our experience of this life.

We have to work on mind, body and spirit to really get the change we want in our world.  To leave one of these areas out is a mistake because they all work harmoniously together as one unit.

There is a new science on the rise.

The relatively new scientific area of epigenetics states that when we change the environment of the cell, the cell itself can change.  In the same way as a flower that is not performing well in one area of the garden, you change the soil, give it some feed or move it to another area where it may perform better. We change the environment in our human energy systems through changing beliefs, programming and behaviours. We release, love, accept and integrate.

What is the point of struggling through life?

There really is no excuse now not to unleash your potential fully by clearing out those old, limiting beliefs and behaviours that hold us back.  I mean, what is the point of struggling through life now, working like dogs and being too exhausted to enjoy our lives, when we have so many tools and techniques and people available to help empower us to make significant changes?  It’s madness to struggle because once you start changing those limitations on the inside, your outer world starts reflecting that, effortlessly.

You can upgrade your self and experience abundance.

No matter where your programs, beliefs, blocks or behaviours have originated – whatever they are, the fact is, we have the power to change them.  Let me repeat that.


It is like upgrading your subconscious software from the old outdated mode that suited you before, to the newest, most up-to-date version.

This is where I come in

This is my specialist area where I have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of clients over the years to align fully with their purpose and create the life of abundance they so want.


I have helped and guided successful entrepreneurs all over the world to become an upgraded, more effective and fulfilled version of themselves.

I can help you to declutter your mind of obsolete programs

We can work on identifying programs, feelings and beliefs that are no longer serving you and are holding you back and shift them there and then to align you fully with your potential and purpose through that inner transformation work. I’ve done it myself and I’ve helped countless others all over the world to do the same.


"All my family have said how nice it is to have me back"

I was feeling depressed and felt I was drinking too much.  With just one session with Caroline I came away with such a wonderful feeling and I know she is just a phone call away if I need help.  All my family have said how nice it is to have me back.


Jenny, Lymington

"I am feeling so much better right now"

Hello Caroline, Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!!!  You Are a Blessing!!!  I am feeling so much better right now and my outlook is so positive and i feel WHOLE! OMG I love it!!!  Every time we work together a breakthrough happens  Blessings to you always!


DP, Florida (2018)

"Enabled me to confront and release the things which were stopping me"

During a particularly challenging and difficult period in my life, I turned to Caroline for help. She gently but expertly helped and guided me through the various issues and difficulties I was facing and encouraged me to see things from a different perspective which led me to a new level of understanding.

Not only was Caroline very intuitive, she also suggested very practical ways of dealing with my problems. Caroline was very in tune and she provided great insight into my situation without ever being judgemental. Through her insights she helped me to find my inner strength which enabled me to confront and release the things which were stopping me from moving forward.

In my time of need Caroline provided expert support and guidance. She helped me to get back on track – not only that but on a better track than before. She managed to achieve all this just by telephone sessions.  Thanks to Caroline, I reached a significant turning point in my life and I will be eternally grateful!


NA, France

"I can’t explain how it works, but what I do know for sure is that I feel a change within me"

I feel so incredibly blessed to have found Caroline and to have the opportunity to work with her.  From the very first email I felt a connection with her. My first session went so deep and we uncovered things that I was not even aware of on a conscious level.  I can’t explain how it works, but what I do know for sure is that I feel a change within me.  I feel so much lighter and I have a deep sense of peace and tranquillity … and above all… a feeling of, “all is well with me and the world.”  Thank you for being with me on this beautiful journey.


LS, The Netherlands (2018)

"I felt the shifts immediately after your clearing"

I am completely Blown Away with what has happened since my Clearing last Monday 4th April. Two days later I found my Home. Last Friday my application was accepted. There have been continual synchronicity’s ~ It hasn’t even been a week since I saw this property and removals come next Monday!  All is flowing in perfect harmony.  Why I am saying all this is I felt the shifts immediately after your clearing. No fears!! Incredible amount of universal energy and support. Confirming once we are aligned and completely clear ~ Everything flows. Cannot thank you enough Caroline.


SM – Australia

"I actually know what it feels like to be nurtured and loved"

Well, my goodness, something has most definitely shifted!!!!   I am trying not to over analyse or concentrate too much on what precise transitions are occurring, in case it stops!! If you know what I mean, or I lose trust and then become negative, but you don’t have to be an agnostic to appreciate that this works, most definitely…Do you know, I actually know what it feels like to be nurtured and loved, how amazing is that? I feel confident and have loosened up to the point of laughter, oh joy what a blessing…


GK, Southampton

"I feel the cobwebs are blowing away and I can see the light"


I am feeling much better since we started the work and really appreciate everything you have helped with. I had a feeling many months ago of almost despair and now I feel the cobwebs are blowing away and I can see the light.


 RG, Ferndown


"Since my session the positive feelings have continued and I cannot recommend her highly enough"

Caroline is a gentle and empathetic healer and not only did I enjoy my time with her but felt so light hearted and unburdened when I left. Since my session the positive feelings have continued and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I know that if I have issues with which I need help in the future, I won’t hesitate to go to Caroline again.


FF, Herts

How do I do this?

I use several techniques in my own unique way combined with nearly 25 years’ of therapeutic and mentoring experience. I’ve trained in a variety of tools and disciplines and I am also highly intuitive and a medium, so I pull on all my skills to bring about an effective transformational experience that is adaptable to each client.

I do this through One to One sessions, and also use a process called Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) which clears programs at higher levels of consciousness.  Combining my tools, intuitive ability, and my unique approach, it brings about a powerful and effective combination of dynamic transformation. The process delves deep into your shadow and we identify limiting beliefs and programs that you may not even be aware of that are holding you back. This, itself, can often be fun, painful, emotional, enlightening, and surprising, but most of all it is EMPOWERING!




How do you notice the difference?

You really start to feel that you have a sense of inner confidence like you have never felt before. Things start falling into place for you and your outer world begins to reflect the changed inner environment of your cellular DNA. Everything changes. Your perception changes. Your ability changes. You reach deeper into the core of your limitless potential.




The question is, do you want to play it small or do you want to play it big?

Do you want to maximise your potential and see how far you can go on that process of self-discovery and be the very best version of you possible, or do you want to keep it contained and predictable, never really knowing if you could achieve more or live a more enriching, fulfilling life?




Achieve joy and transformation that you didn’t realise was possible

I’ve watched so many of my clients totally transform their lives and I’ve worked with most professions from doctors, barristers, entrepreneurs, directors, sales and marketing people, engineers, etc.  I’ve watched already successful people become even more effective at their roles pushing through boundaries they didn’t even know they had!  I’ve taken people through some very life-transforming stages where they have emerged out of their chrysalis-like state into a glorious and rare butterfly, launching their unique talent on the world.

Do you want to:

  • increase your ability to influence your clients more effectively through changing subconscious programs and patterns?
  • unlock a real sense of empowerment and purpose that is transforming for you?
  • identify behavioural patterns and change them effectively, offering tools and techniques where appropriate?
  • optimise your overall well-being in mind, body and spirit?
  • clear the subconscious and spiritual blocks that are preventing you from reaching your full potential and gaining the abundant life you desire?
  • find new perspectives for old issues, thereby changing your view of some situations?
  • totally transform every aspect of your life, given the right investment and commitment by you?


Are you:

  • someone who believes real change encompasses mind, body and spirit and that they all integrate fully with each other?
  • passionate about moving forward and being the best version of you possible and are prepared to invest in yourself to make lasting change happen?
  • someone who is prepared to take responsibility for your own progress, self-disciplined enough to do the work needed and humble enough to not believe you have done it all already?
  • someone that accepts that life is a continuous learning process and is open to new perspectives and to accept observations made in the process of enriching your life?
  • someone that is grounded and balanced and wants to enjoy the blessings of this world?
  • someone who accepts that we are energetic beings having a human existence and that energy and frequency play a significant part in our lives in terms of what we experience and attract?
  • prepared to drop any defences to allow yourself to be transformed in the most profound and enriching ways?
  • someone who is prepared for real change at deep levels and all that it encompasses, which can bring up deep shadow, introspective feelings at times?
  • someone who wants to be a greater influencer of influencers and wants to change the world in some way, knowing it begins with you?


Than let me explane how I can help you


Choose your package

SRT Package

Using the Spiritual Response Therapy system, I can remotely clear programs/blocks, relating to a specific area of concern in your life, at higher consciousness levels through the execution of dowsing with charts.  You don’t need to be present for me to do this.  Afterwards, a report is sent to you via email.  The Brain/ Spiritual Restructuring removes negative concrete base statements downloaded from the Soul to be experienced in this lifetime.  Clearing these means you have karmically worked through them and they can now be lifted.  This program lasts for a maximum of 3 months.  You will benefit from:

  • 3 x remote SRT clearings
  • 1 x remote Brain/Spiritual Restructuring
  • Detailed reports of each clearing sent by email


You can now purchase the SRT package in 3 x instalments by clicking on the PayPal button and following the options
PayPal Standard Payments Integration | Client Demo

Basic program

You will receive a powerful transformation program for up to 3 months maximum with me via Zoom online, backed up with an SRT clearing done for you remotely.

We will work together to

*Identify self-limiting behaviours, programs and emotions that are blocking an abundant flow of energy in specific areas of your life.

*Discover the root causes, as appropriate, to these potential-limiting patterns.

*Remove these self-limiting beliefs and integrate shadow aspects into your conscious through healing and learning, as appropriate.

*Transform your frequency vibrations to align you with abundance flow.

*Teach and guide you, where necessary, to identify and shift these shadow aspects yourself.

You will be required to self-muscle test in each session and may be set homework on occasion to bring about deeper change.

This transformational program consists of:


  • 3 x one to one online sessions via zoom lasting an average of 1.5 hours approx per session. Please allow up to 2 hours in case needed.
  • 1 x SRT remote clearing on an aspect that is blocking your flow of abundance.
  • You will receive email support and free access to any masterclasses or training I am running within that period and I may send you meditations that I feel may benefit you during this program.


Essential program

This program is outstanding value. You will receive a powerful transformation program, for up to 6 months maximum, with me via Zoom online.  

We will work together to

*Identify self-limiting behaviours, programs and emotions that are blocking an abundant flow of energy in specific areas of your life.

*Discover the root causes, as appropriate, to these potential-limiting patterns.

*Remove these self-limiting beliefs and integrate shadow aspects into your conscious through healing and learning, as appropriate.*

*Transform your frequency vibrations to align you with abundance flow.

*Teach and guide you, where necessary, to identify and shift these shadow aspects yourself.

You will be required to self-muscle test in each session and may be set ‘homework’ on occasion to bring about deeper change. 

This transformational program you consists of:


  • 5 x one to one online sessions via Zoom
  • 6 x remote SRT clearings
  • 1 x remote Brain/Spiritual Restructuring
  • A detailed report via email for SRT clearings
  • Up to 3 x bespoke, individual hypnotherapy recordings, to reinforce the work in our sessions, as appropriate, and if desired.
  • Free access to any masterclasses or training I am running within that period along with any additional individual videos sent to you that support your transformation.


Home/Space clearings

As well as working on our own energy it is important to keep your environment clear of any programs or stifled energy.  Homes and spaces – such as an office, absorb the energy of everyone that visits it, everyone that contributed to the build and the land in which it is built upon.  Clearing the energy flow can make a significant difference to moods, energy flow and abundance.  I now offer a one-off energy clearing using the Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) system to clear your home or business space which really compliments the work you do on yourself (or your business).  All I need is the full address, approximate age of construction, approximate time you have been there, payment and then you will get a full clearing done with emailed report within 5 working days.


The programs above are normally paid using the PayPal facility, where you can use your credit cards to make full payment. If, however, you prefer to do a BAC transfer within Europe, please contact me for the IBAN number and other details. Alternatively, I also use the payment application of Square, where I can take credit card payments over the phone or input details sent via Whatsapp, email or text. An invoice can also be sent via any of these mediums, if preferred, for your records. 


Every individual is unique in their processing of experience, and everyone responds differently – some quickly, some slower, depending on what is running in their subconscious minds. You need consistent, regular, disciplined practice to gain the kind of transformation that is life-changing. By registering you declare that you understand that Caroline Cousins cannot give any guarantee about your personal development as a result of your participation in one of the above packages.

Not sure which program to go for?

I know that when you first start working with someone new, you want to get the most out of your investment and you want to be sure that I am the right mentor for you and, equally, that you are the right client for me.  In other words, we both feel we can work together to bring about the transformation you desire.

If you would like to have an FREE initial 20 to 30 minute, informal chat online via Zoom before committing to your investment, I am really happy to schedule this and advise, accordingly.  

Contact me via the form at the bottom of the page and I will email you back to arrange a mutually convenient time in the near future to chat.

In addition, I am also happy to design a bespoke program for you that fits better with your individual needs and timescale.  That may be a balance of more 1 to 1s or more SRT clearings, more meditations, teaching techniques, readings or hypnotherapy sessions.  The bespoke program can be designed around you, the client, so that you get exactly what is right for you.  Contact me at the bottom of this page and we can take it from there.

Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)


This tool is superb at clearing programs and blocks held at higher consciousness levels and, declutters the mind – rather like defragmenting the system on a PC. It works with your High Self team to research programming that would be difficult to reach using intuition alone. In my extensive experience of its use, it always works and facilitates change particularly in the long-term. Essential: This program combines the SRT program with one to one mentoring sessions to really get deeply into behavioural and program blocks that are preventing the individual from living an abundant life. Elite: This builds on the essential program and gives even more value by working longer term, allowing for even deeper transformation and brings in the expertise and an additional dynamic of Patty Post, astrological coach to really provide an all-encompassing facilitation of change .


 Brain/Spiritual Restructuring


The brain restructuring is another ‘arm’ within the Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) system.  It can only be done after an SRT clearing has taken place so that the individual is already working from Radiant Love level of consciousness.  We have four ‘negative concrete base’ statements that are downloaded to us by the Soul based on unresolved past life experiences, carried in the Soul records.  This system, known previously as brain re-patterning, covers both the programs we carry over from past lives and the personal ones that have been set up in the current life.  It is a way to uncover and change those patterns from ones that limit life to ones that promote life.  There are two aspects to Brain Restructuring:  spiritual and physical.  The soul is the mind of the body in every cell and the brain is what we use to function from day-to-day.  The first SRT package will include a general brain restructuring, unless otherwise agreed.  Subsequent SRT packages purchased can benefit from a brain restructuring on a specific area or it can be substituted for another SRT clearing.


Individual Online Session


The online sessions will take place via Zoom.  Here we will discuss areas that are not flowing within your life and aim to identify blocks, behaviours and programs that are preventing abundance.  I will take a full history from you in the first session and expand on it in other sessions, whilst also listening to your voice and feeling into your energy at the same time.  I usually have an idea of what the issues are coming up in your energy before we start each session, but we will also work with whatever comes up rather than be fixed on one thing, as we never know what is going to present itself.  I combine all my tools to work with you in a unique way and I work very intuitively.  We will be using kinesiology/muscle testing in order to identify programming and beliefs and to confirm when they have changed.  It will be most helpful if you could practice this beforehand and when we have set the date for our first session, I will direct you to a muscle testing video to assist you.  Sometimes, the sessions may bring up emotions with some people that were unexpected or you may find after a session that unexpected thoughts and emotions arise.  This is why I sometimes set ‘homework’ for clients, as sometimes it is helpful for more work to be done after the online session has completed.  It’s also a very empowering process to clear your own blocks as part of this process and will help speed the flow of energy.  I am gentle yet sometimes quite blunt, as it is important to face our inner world with honesty, and I have a great sense of humour so we can have fun and laughter in our sessions too.  Dealing with our shadow side can be emotional, cathartic, exhausting and empowering all at the same time.  Every individual is unique and I adapt the session to suit you, the client.  Please allow up to 2 hours for the first session and then approximately 75 minutes for any subsequent sessions.  Sometimes, they can go over that time in order to finish off a particular clearing.  My work combines mentoring, coaching, healing and intuitive work, so it is unique and I like to be thorough.  Please allow up to 90 minutes, just in case.


Online training


From time to time I produce online training to purchase.  I am currently restructuring the recent abundance course I released earlier this year, so this will become available shortly.  Any online training is free to access for any of my clients during the course of a program and announcements will be made via my monthly newsletter first, normally.  Please make sure you subscribe in order to take advantage of any offers or news.


Astrological Coaching


The astrological coaching is provided by Patty Post, who has a wealth of experience in both the astrological field and the coaching world.  She has combined both to bring about a dynamic and leadership-focus astrological coaching package which is attached to the Elite Program, which is really superb value!  The astrological coaching will look at your unique, individual astrological chart and she will be able to advise you of strengths, potential and direction.  Astrology is not a predictive science.  It is a tool that is incredibly accurate in highlighting influences and potential to use to enhance your life experience, so that you get the maximum potential available.  I have also found it to be of incredible benefit in answering questions about the “why’s” about some patterns, which brings in another dynamic in the overall coaching and realising our potential.  This, combined with the other services on offer, brings an all-encompassing and thoroughly empowering program, fitting of the 21st Century.


Caroline Cousins and Patty Post 

the Elite Program

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