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Below are a few testimonials from clients I have worked with over the years.  Some relate to one-off sessions (which I no longer offer to new clients preferring to concentrate on programs and packages), others relate to longer term clients.  I hope they help you to make an informed choice as to which program would best suit you.  At the end of the day, there is no substitute for your own experience or personal recommendations.  Those clients I have worked long term with over the years have ALL had profound transformations.  As with all these programs, go with what feels right for you.  If you get excited by a program, then it is most likely right for your energy.  If you have any concerns or questions, then don’t hesitate to email me and ask.  The testimonials are unique experiences for those individuals and are given as an indication only.  We all like to see records of success when investing money on a program or course but if something doesn’t feel quite right then maybe it is not the right time for you or I am not the right mentor for you.  It has to feel right for you.

“Thank you so much for that fantastic session today.  I feel so different (in a good way), more like myself, my appetite has come back, feeling stronger, more motivated, more positive.  What a difference!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Noona Ayres

Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Somatic Breathing Practitioner, Revitalise, 1 to 1 sessions (bespoke package) July 2023

“My energy definitely feels more “neutral” (as my boyfriend described it today, and he does not know about the clearings). There is less mental crap and thought patterns and I am able to observe myself more without getting pulled into egoic patterns and thoughts. I am also less emotional and up and down.”

Lisa B

Events Host and Moderator, Spain, SRT Clearing Package - (May/June 2023)

“Having received the SRT clearings over a period of about 10 months now, I have been able to go from level 0 to level 5 in a specific area of my life. I felt stuck and not able to move forward and as soon as I started this therapy I noticed the results, they were incremental and sustainable at all levels (mental, emotional, spiritual and physical).

I had consistently used 3 other healing modalities before resorting to SRT, and I feel this therapy has greatly benefited me and my entire family tree. It improves your level of clarity about your own mechanisms and allows for a more empowering approach to life and all its events.”

Dana Sihov

Teacher and Alternative Therapist, Spain , SRT Clearing Packages - (May 2023)

“My heart is so full after working with you on this most auspicious of days. Thank you for seeing me today.

Thank you for your authentic heart, for creating such an authentic and very safe and magickal space where I’m free to be me and to find my way back to who I AM…step by step. I love working with you. I love the way you inter weave all your tools to create the most magick and unique session that is perfect for me. Today’s session was simply stunning…”

Anka Harris

Bournemouth, UK. Bespoke package of one to one sessions and SRT clearings (October 2022)

“I took many attempts to find the words for you and your work, but none of them could reach the level of what I experienced in the clearings that you gave me.  In the moment I felt when you were working with me. (I could tell afterwards because of the mail you sent ;-)) I felt a really good vibe and I became at ease and was just knowing and surrendering.

It gave me the trust to move forwards and the things that where holding me back before, were gone.

The greatest thing I still experience everyday is that my negative vibe is gone. (I can’t find the right word for it. I mean irritated, agitated, short fuse).  I am so happy with that and I am trusting the process and experience with much more energy to be busy with the things that are important to me. Grateful for knowing you.”

Saskia Van der Storm,

Owner/Director of Storm-Kracht, The Netherlands, SRT Clearings (March 2022)

“I’m doing great. So many good things are happening for us. Here are a few highlights

– I’m starting to feel more normal each day

– I’m reconnecting with God/The Universe

– I was able to have a difficult conversation with [name withheld].  We worked through it without allowing our emotions to overtake us

– My daughter’s boyfriend sent us flowers

– [Name withheld] got a new job

The biggest thing is the growing peace that is inside me.

- [Name withheld]

Texas, SRT Package (July 2021)

“Caroline isn’t just an average healer.  Caroline works on deep layers.  I spent months with an issue regarding my business and jumped from healer to healer.  Caroline is a straight talking healer who cuts to the point.  These sessions with Caroline are highly transformative for people who are really ready to step into their real essence.  To say I would highly recommend Caroline is an understatement!”

- Leilah Mirza

Director and Founder of Gracing Lives, Spiritual Entrepreneur, 1 to 1 sessions (June 2021)

“When I contacted you a couple of weeks ago, I was having a very difficult time with my finances and life in general. I had applied for  [assistance from the government] and the documents I had submitted were not enough and I had to produce documents that I thought the government would not accept.  Anyway, you did the clearing Monday morning your time, midnight my time and that same Monday afternoon I got a positive answer from another source that has been stuck for a year!  I received a letter the same Monday afternoon, that the money would be deposited in my account on March 5th and they did and the next morning, Tuesday, I got an email  from the [government] team lettting me know that they accpted the documents and the money would also be deposited in my account withing 5 business days.   I am pleased with the results.”

- Ana Jerez, Canada, (March 2021) - Results from first SRT clearing

“As you know I have been in and out of hospital for the last couple of months with swallowing issues & it has really been tough.   I … [had various medical procedures on the oesphagus] and they removed the stent yesterday and they said the oseophagus had opened.  I felt much better.  This morning one of the consultants came & saw me & said if I don’t mind signing a consent because they are going to publish this in a medical journal story of my condition (which is rare) & what happened as the way the oesophagus opened up so quickly they have never heard of this happening before.

I do truly believe this is down to you and the [SRT] clearing & I have also  been saying the affirmation every day.

I truly now believe miracles can happen.

Thank you so much for everything “

- Anon, UK (February 2021)

“Ever since yesterday afternoon I have felt somewhat lighter and today I have felt it easier to concentrate.  I am normally mentally wiped out by 4pm and my wife just commented on how much more energy I seem to have – especially since I started work early and am finishing late today.  The day after the session I found it easier to be optimistic – which is surprising as the day that didn’t start with exercise but I had to begin working from home straight away”

- S J Ellis (February 2021)

“I have been having regular sessions with Caroline now for about 4 years and the work we have done together in invaluable.

Every time I have a session with her, I come out with an entirely new perspective on things and she helps me see things in completely different ways.. its amazing.

I feel so invigorated and empowered after our sessions and knowing she is there to help and support me in the most challenging of times is of great comfort”.

- Zoe Scott, Monaco, (Oct 2020)

“Just a quick bit of feedback following our session yesterday… I also feel soooooo much lighter still, this has never happened before, that I’m still feeling the lightness that I get in the session with you. It’s really lovely to not feel so angry, had no idea it was in me. So big thank you again, I’m always in awe of your gifts and abilities…”

- Danielle Whitworth, (Sept 2020)

Caroline has absolutely changed my life!  Whatever the problem, Caroline has the answer to it, even though from experience that answer may be something you don’t want to hear, she will find the root of any issue and bring it out in the open. The reason it is difficult to hear is because it is an issue that you know you have and may have had for many years, but hidden from everybody and sometimes even yourself. Just as you think you have managed to fool everybody, Caroline will be able to find out what it is, as she looks straight into your soul and finds your suffering, and with her wealth of knowledge and huge heart she will act as a guide through it.

I noticed change and growth within just 1 session with Caroline, and I have never had that response with anybody else over the years.  I honestly don’t think I would have been able to get as far, and as quickly, as I have without having the support of such a wholesome, intelligent, professional such as Caroline.

- Samuel Love (July 2020) Musculoskeletal Therapist and Health Coach (www.samuelplove.com)

Working with Caroline was a privilege. I had a couple of deep trauma’s and worked on these trauma’s before.

But Caroline was really able to make a breakthrough. A lot of old beliefs are gone.

Throughout the whole process Caroline treated me with respect, personal attention and honesty.

Without talking about her knowledge, I could feel and sense her wisdom and huge know-how of so many forms of therapy.

She made the difference for me and my dearest family and friends.

I am so grateful to meet her on my path!


- Karin Leijten (Dec 2019) Managing Director of Sonneveltopleiding, The Netherlands

I have been working with Caroline Cousins on a weekly basis for over three years.

Caroline has proved herself to be a powerful, tenacious, and compassionate coach.  When you work with Caroline, you know that she deeply cares.  She is patient yet she doesn’t let you dance around the issue.  She gets to the heart of the matter to clear it.  Sometimes you’re laughing and other times, you are sobbing.

Caroline’s diverse background, in addition to her being a medium, makes her a formidable force. Caroline uses a variety of modalities from her massive toolkit to shift the energy.  What would take years to resolve in traditional therapy may be resolved a few sessions.  Her approach gets to the root cause – at the subconscious, rather than at the conscious level – therein lies the secret.

What happens in the session is unbelievably powerful; the shifting of the energy can change your situation almost immediately.  As a result, you change in the way you respond to people and situations; your whole world begins to change.

I really don’t know where I would be without Caroline’s help.  She has been a mentor, educator and friend, for whom I am deeply grateful.

-Dina Pastovich, Texas, Senior Consultant and Programme Manager (Oct 2019)

I first came to see Caroline a few months after my Mum passed away.  I was completely overwhelmed with grief and the sense of loss.  I didn’t really know what to expect from our session but Caroline’s calm and warm manner soon put me at ease.  We worked on my issues, talking them through and somehow removing my negative thoughts and energies.

I left with a real sense of peace and a greater understanding of my grief. Previously I had an almost constant feeling of dread and fear and the overwhelming sadness I was experiencing when I contacted Caroline, had subsided.  I didn’t imagine it would change the way I felt so quickly in helping me to come to terms with my loss. Previously, I had been  unable to look at my Mum’s photo and speak about her without bursting into tears. And although I do still miss her very much,  I can cope in a way I was unable to before our session.

Sadly, when only a few weeks later, my sister died suddenly, I returned to Caroline for help.  Again, she helped me to come to terms with my loss and through her guidance and support gave me the strength to get through an incredibly difficult time. I left feeling that my loved ones are at peace and will always be with me.  My family noticed a positive change in me straight away and I strongly feel that I wouldn’t have coped without Caroline and I am incredibly grateful for her help and support.

I have visited Caroline a few more times over the past year,  if I have felt I needed to talk or re-energise and I have always left feeling so much better.  I can’t quite explain how it all works, but it does and I know I feel very lucky to have found her. Thank you Caroline xx

-Juliet Tully (September 2019)

“Those clearings are blooming amazing! … The last few you’ve done for me have kicked in really quickly BUT this one was a whole new level of fast.”

-NJ, Leicestershire (June 2019)

“I can’t tell you how much better I feel after today’s session.   Thank you so much.   I guess that emotion needed to come up.  Thank you for all your help!!!”

-DP, Texas (April 2019)

“Hiya Caroline, Thank you so much for our session.  Wow… !  Today I have done more creative work than I have done in such a long time.  I feel super-focused and have really stepped into my new direction… it is simply flowing.”

-NF, Hampshire (December 2018)

“After our last session, I had some incredible joie de vivre expériences- I had à day where I felt 10/10, which is a rarity! Things have been going well up and I feel things are shifting again in regard to my general outlook which is good.”

-ZS, Monaco (2018)

“Thank you Caroline for everything you have done, I can’t wait to let you know the changes that have happened already and am so thankful to you.  I don’t think I could ever let you know how much.  So, so thankful, so many changes and cannot wait until I may be able to see you again.”

-KC, Essex (2018)

“At the time I found Caroline (my friend shared her great experience with her), she was just what I needed to make that shift that I had been working on making in my life for quite some time.

I had done years and years of inside work on myself, but somehow I still felt stuck in some areas of life. And I was frustrated to say the least.

So I had my hopes on Caroline easing some of my resistance. And she really knows what she’s doing! She is very thorough, patience and insisting to do whatever it takes to clear what is holding you back.

Everything is done is such a loving manner and I felt very safe throughout my skype-call with her.

Before I had my session with Caroline, my cashflow and love flow had been almost shut down for a while, and everything that used to work for me just wouldn’t work anymore.

But a few days after my session things started rolling again. And my whole way of perceiving life has changed! It is incredible!”

- Mathilda, Denmark (2018)

“I want to thank you again. I feel amazing. I went out to get lunch and noticed how I felt so different, I felt so open and free, expanded. I really felt that wall or block gone, just clear and open. It feels amazing. I can’t wait to experience the days to come. I think it will take a few days before this feels normal and I love that!!!!”

- LA, New York

“I am completely Blown Away with what has happened since my Clearing last Monday 4th April. Two days later I found my Home. Last Friday my application was accepted. There have been continual synchronicity’s ~ It hasn’t even been a week since I saw this property and removals come next Monday!  All is flowing in perfect harmony.  Why I am saying all this is I felt the shifts immediately after your clearing. No fears!! Incredible amount of universal energy and support. Confirming once we are aligned and completely clear ~ Everything flows. Cannot thank you enough Caroline.”

- SM – Australia

“I feel fantastic and noticed my energy shift on Sunday significantly… I will be recommending you highly.”

– Zaza, Wareham

“Caroline quickly found the root causes of my negative thought patterns and worked with me to gently remove them. As a result, my physical and mental health has greatly improved …I no longer feel that I am carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders and have generally felt much more positive and optimistic about the future. The negative thoughts which were dragging me down and sapping my energy have gone and my overall confidence has increased. Before, my low self-esteem led to a lack of engagement with others, but following my time with Caroline, I have found the motivation to become much more sociable.

– JC, Lyndhurst

“Caroline!  I feel like I’m walking on a cloud!  Thank you.  I think today cleared some pretty major stuff.  Thanks again…”

– CB, New Forest

“Hi Caroline, I am feeling really well!  Never feel so happy and so peaceful mind before!”

– AA, Bournemouth

“I had some SRT clearings from Caroline after knowing I had some attachment issues because of how I had been feeling over time. I work with the energy realms, so this helped me recognise what was going on.
After the clearings my eyes felt very clear and my thought processes were extremely sharp.  I felt massively lighter, highly in tune with nature with a positive feeling all round. A kick start to a new diet and a new way of being.”
Shaun Freebody

Proprietor of Global Healing Craft, Bespoke SRT package (November 2023)

“First of all – THANK you for your service – I feel like myself again and even better still…You made some very valid and important points during that session which have been extremely important to me since.
I wasn’t aware to which degree I had lost myself in trying to survive the dynamics playing out…the past week has offered a lot of insight, understanding, and coming home to myself again.  I’ve felt renewed, regained my energy, and been receiving lots of inspiration as well as felt a drive and an urge for expansion of my life … I’ve had lots of ideas workwise too…I can still feel the session reverberate throughout me. Subtle yet profound shifts, epiphanies, and release keeps happening.”  (Abridged testimonial with kind permission.)

Kristina Mie Andersen

Psychotherapist and Holistic Practitioner, Bespoke package of 1 to 1 sessions and SRT Clearings (March 2023)

“Thank you ever so much for the SRT Clearing work and the Brain Restructuring you performed for me. It’s been a month since the last clearing, and I’m happy to report that I’ve experienced many positive benefits in several areas ever since – such as getting an unexpected financial bonus from work, feeling much more inner calm and peace with respect to old memories that used to trigger me so much, and even in my health – I had an issue swallowing for months that necessitated X-rays and even a CT scan, but I got the confirmation yesterday that all is now well with my throat cells, much to the suprise of my ENT specialist! 🙂

It’s been an absolute delight to work with you, and I thank you for sharing your wonderful gifts with the world!?”

Tony Fonderson

Director, Author, Mentor, Speaker, The Netherlands, Bespoke package of 1 to 1 sessions and SRT Clearings (July 2022)

“I have used Caroline’s expertise several times over the years and have always been very happy with the outcome of her sessions, so much so that I have personally recommended her to family members and friends alike – all of them having outstanding success.  Recently, after agreeing to do a presentation in front of a large professional crowd of people at a London car show, I became increasingly anxious for various personal reasons and asked Caroline for help.  After seeing Caroline, I attended the show without any nerves and my presentation was an astounding success, which I was absolutely thrilled about; I carried it out with more confidence than I have ever known.  Thank you Caroline, I will continue to recommend you.

- Andy Saunders

Director of Kustoms Cars, 1 to 1 sessions (July 2021)

“From the first moment of these amazing 1 to 1 sessions with Caroline, the feeling of being held in love and compassion is palpable.  The ease of investigation and clearing of various painful emotional feelings within my system showed the years of experience flowing through her.  The relief and expansion I felt within me after the sessions was huge.”

RJ, Sweeping Sounds, UK

Founder of Sweeping Sounds, 1 to 1 Sessions (March 2022)

“My head and my heart had played tug of war for too long.  Caroline assisted me in releasing attachments and beliefs that prevented me from moving forward in my life.  Now, my heart is lighter and my head clearer.  I feel a deep sense of freedom inside of me because my heart now leads my head with more tranquility and strength.”

- Melinda G, Italy (February 2021)


Caroline is my go-to person for my personal development. She is simply, life-changing. Caroline has many years of experience and access to an extraordinary toolkit which has helped me shift many (unconscious) programs and beliefs, which has changed my life on all levels. I gained the confidence to believe and trust in myself that I could begin to make a difference to other’s lives through my own life experiences. She is very grounded who normalises the considered ‘woo woo’ with a refreshing take on life. I cannot recommend this kind, wonderful mentor and coach enough.

- Tosh Brittan (January 2020) Coach and Founder of Divorce Goddess

 I have known Caroline for years, and she is so wonderful! She has a range of modalities that can get you unstuck pretty quickly, however her SRT sessions have helped me the most. I run a successful business providing divine self-empowerment for bold entrepreneurs, specialising in creating a healthy & powerful money story through teaching wealth consciousness to people.

Within 48 hours of my SRT session, my credit score jumped 100 points that I have never seen, I had an old employer contact me offering me positions, a huge block lifted to be able to dream bigger and see a place where I felt “stuck” on how to grow the business energetically, to bring in the revenue months I was looking for. I was able to see a massive mindshift that was holding me back and question myself in many areas for a start of a new decade, and year.

I will be continuing my sessions with Caroline and allowing myself to get into increased alignment to manifest and bring in my dream reality, faster. Thank you for all your help!

- Nadia Arain (Dec 2019) CEO & Chief Spartanite, The Spartanite -- DIVINE EMPOWERMENT FOR BOLD ENTREPRENEURS https://thespartanite.com/com

Caroline’s help has been invaluable to me at a time of extreme pain in my life. A close friend had recommended her services shortly after the sudden death of my husband. A period which had left me feeling numb, starring at the void that had been my life and faced with the hugely overwhelming feeling of raising our beautiful four year old son alone.

Caroline is acutely insightful and gifted. She instantly gives you the sense of feeling comfortable with her down to earth and warm nature. With her vast knowledge and ability, I immediately felt reconnected after our first session. I also came away with a better understanding and sense of positivity going forward, something that I really didn’t think was possible after such a loss.

I highly recommend Caroline’s services and look forward to many sessions ahead.

- Danae Verge (March 2020)

Caroline was highly recommended to me regarding a property issue, which was beginning to weigh on me as the situation just didn’t seem to find solution or resolution contrary to what was to be expected and no matter my efforts… it just simply felt stuck.  After some SRT clearings by Caroline things really shifted and finally to my great joy and huge relief all came to resolution.

Having gotten to know Caroline through this experience I started working on other issues with her like personal SRT clearings and business SRT clearings over the past year and a half, which has made a world of blessed difference!

Coming from a lifetime of experiential knowledge in all sorts of self-development and healing techniques, using many tools myself, I go by feeling when I try something new and what I so much appreciate working with Caroline is her so kind, empathetic, loving nature in conjunction with her professional abilities and experience in all she does going out of her way to assist, encourage, hold space being of wise guidance along the way.

Her support in all of this and more has truly been of such great worth thus far… thank you from my heart and soul Caroline for this and more… and to those reading my few lines I would simply say: if any of this resonates with you… well, just give it a try.

-Victoria Wuttke, Founder of Lighting the Way Foundation (September 2019)

I was first introduced to Caroline through a mutual psychic friend, who suggested I work with Caroline to help me clear spiritual body blockages and attachments. I still remember my very first session with her back in 2014, I felt a weight lifting off of me and for the first time in over 20 years I felt able to breathe and not be consumed by dark thoughts. Prior to that I’d been to psychics, reiki healers, crystal healers and though I got some comfort initially, ultimately my patterns would still be the same, like karmic Groundhog Day!

Over the years I have worked with Caroline to help me shift to the next level in my life, each time I feel the weight lifting off my shoulders, I feel the energy when Caroline is working on my charts and within a few weeks I get a sign that the old energy is cleared, be that unexpected money coming to me, promotions, new job and even people no longer in alignment with me being moved out of my path.  I always know when I need the next level of clearing to be done and Caroline instinctively knows what needs to be shifted.  She has been a rock for me through some really tough times and I am so grateful to our mutual psychic friend for introducing us she is my earth angel and I’d be lost without her.  Thank you Caroline, I value you! 

-Nidhi Joshi, Master Practitioner of NLP, (September 2019)

“I have seen a great improvement in ….X…. since you did the clearing…”

-SP, Bournemouth (June 2019)

Caroline….just wanted to let you know I just got email from that client and he is looking to expand my services….cannot believe you were right and what I did to myself for no reason….OMG…you’re the best !!!

-[Initials and state withheld], USA (December 2018)

“Just wanted to thank you for the work you did last time, it made a very positive difference.  I’m so impressed by the effects of SRT.”

-NS, Isle of Wight (2018)

“Oh my goodness Caroline, I can’t even begin to explain how much lighter I feel.  Since the session I’ve even found my perfect postgraduate course in [title withheld].  I’m going to an open day next week.  Still feeling the shifts, I can’t thank you enough.”

-CB, London (November 2018)

“I just wanted to thank you for your help and express to you how much more happier I am and positive I am after our session.  It has seriously changed my life and I am very grateful that you helped me and will be booking another session in the future.  God bless you and again thank you so much.”

-GD, Leicester (2018)

I have known Caroline a long time and she has helped me enormously in shifting my perspective from my subconscious failure feelings that I always knew were there but just couldn’t address, despite trying numerous other therapies/modalities to feeling focused and motivated.  She’s taken me to areas within my psyche (despite my unintentional stubbornness) that brought up things I didn’t even know were there and helped me work through them in a gentle, yet honest and practical way. In fact, she has trained me in some of the tools she uses and as a result of that, I have been able to work through a lot of my own stuff, which I am so grateful for.  As a result of working with Caroline, I am in the process of changing direction with my work to something more satisfying and serving to others, I have reached deeper levels of awareness and I find that life flows more easily for me in all aspects now.  I now have a clearer direction and my life is in the process of being completely transformed, in all areas.  She has a kindness, tenacity and genuine desire to reach into root causes for others to reach their highest potential.  As a result I can only wholeheartedly recommend her and be grateful for the help she has given me.

-DC, Senior Engineer, (September 2019)

“Challenging times call for deep healings. As we cannot sweep our psychological and spiritual garbage under the carpet anymore we need powerful healers to help us clear our garbage cans and move forward.

Caroline Cousins is such a healer. In my sessions with her I was able to shift so much old beliefs systems to new, empowering beliefs. It is as if heavy weights were lifted off my shoulders. What a gift she has. And by offering her gift to me I did not only help myself but all the loved ones around me.

Caroline is such a warm and loving person!  Work with her and I am confident you will too benefit hugely from the healings and clearings she provides. I cannot recommend her highly enough…. ”

- PP, Netherlands

“Just wanted to let you know the results so far, I have started work with an agency, so have money coming in at last! I have an interview for a permanent position tomorrow, and another interview coming up in the next couple of weeks. I have had 3 small wins and just won £100 on the thunderball. Thank you so much.”

-JG, Bournemouth

“The clearing has worked. I feel great and the studio is great.  Clients are contacting me about both aspects of my business…..[name withheld] and I are loving each other…Since the first session we did, every session we have done has had such profound effects.  It’s been and will continue to be amazing.  Thank you for coming into my life you are a true blessing.”

-NF, Bournemouth

“I want to thank you for clearing you did on me. It was really noticeable. I feel lighter and more able to focus on my dreams and the beautiful future that lies ahead for all of us.”

– Florus, the Netherlands

“Caroline is a blessing to us all. I have had various healings with her…and, each time, they are so accurate and I feel so much lighter in the weeks following the sessions.  I also really appreciate the written results of the SRT Clearings as I enjoy reading them over several times which I find brings new awareness’s for me. Thank you so much! Love, Helen”

– HR, Leicester

“I was recommended to Caroline by a friend, she said that Caroline was very good and accurate. I contacted Caroline who I have never met our conversations were through text initially and then when we had established it was difficult to meet face to face, Caroline offered me an e-mail reading.

I was initially sceptical as I had never tried this before, but when I started to read what Caroline had picked up about me I was astounded. She was accurate about my work and me looking for another role within the same company, and my current state of mind in relation to my work. Of all the scenarios she could have picked she was absolutely right.

Also Caroline described my husband to a tee amazing, how could she have known what his characteristics were unless she has an amazing gift and can connect to a higher source. Thank you I would recommend what appears through the written word a lovely gifted lady.”

– ST, Poole

“Caroline is a gentle and empathetic healer and not only did I enjoy my time with her but felt so light hearted and unburdened when I left. Since my session the positive feelings have continued and I cannot recommend her highly enough.  I know that if I have issues with which I need help in the future, I won’t hesitate to go to Caroline again.”

– FF, Herts

“Hi Caroline, just wanted to let you know I feel great….;)  I feel like I’m surrounded by love, in me and around me…it’s amazing…;) I have no worries and am more confident that it’s going to last…;) so thank you so, so much…”

– ZA, Southampton

“I was feeling depressed and felt I was drinking too much.  With just one session with Caroline I came away with such a wonderful feeling and I know she is just a phone call away if I need help.  All my family have said how nice it is to have me back.”

– Jenny, Lymington

“It’s a strange thing to explain but I’m not fighting with myself any more. And I feel like a weight has been lifted from me?”

– Charlotte, Lyndhurst

“The sessions I have had with you have completely changed my life in such a wonderful and positive way, making me aware of past, negative issues which have affected my entire adult life, which has been a revelation.  With your help, the ability to address these issues has given me confidence about myself making me feel excited about my future.  Thank you for all your help and support.”

– Sindy, Bournemouth

“ I’ve been able to move on from destructive patterns that have caused me many problems in my life.  I honestly felt like a different person after just one session. I am so much stronger and calmer now”

– Helen, Southbourne

“In my puzzled days Caroline was the one who guided me through the chaos. I used to struggle a lot in my head and tired of facing new challenges, but with Caroline’s clearings I gradually started to see things differently. I know that I am not perfect, but after all, no one is. I can now see myself more, therefore, embrace myself better.”

SF Jin

International Student, SRT Package, October 2023

“The moment you started with the clearing that day was the moment that my house was shining for different people and today, after the architectural inspection, it is sold!!!  I had another family who wanted to buy the house as well.  In 2 weeks, 4 viewers, two came twice and the day after the first bidding/offer.  Thank you so much for all your help and support.”

Annemarie Groenwould

Director, The Netherlands, Home/Space SRT clearing (April 2022) for house that wouldn't sell

“Caroline is one of the most talented mentors that I have worked with throughout time. She spots my blockages and patterns right away and helps me release them. I always feel like a new and better version of myself when I’ve worked with Caroline.  If you feel stuck in your life, then Caroline is the one to go to. I can’t put into words what Caroline is doing – but it’s so amazing!”
Cristina Malmberg, Denmark

Coach and Spiritual Mentor, 1 to 1 Zoom Sessions (March 2022)

“Stunning.  Your analysis came through at 14.01… at 14.30 I had a surge of work come in and things started to fall back into place in a phenomenal way.  There’s a lot to be said for the way in which you so seamlessly navigate the tumultuous seas of our inner and spiritual workings.  Your professional and personal touches do not go unnoticed by those that entrust you with their well-being.  Not the least of which is me.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.”

- Martin Jones (Jan 2021)

Creative Developer & Performer at Tenor Ladies at Large, Owner/Managing Director at MJ LifeStylist and Model Boss & Choreographer at MJ models UK

 Thank you for being there for me, dear Caroline. I know you know this… but I’ll say it anyway: my life has completely changed from the first time we met! I’m grateful every single day.

-Lorna Grech Fonk, Doctor (Nov 2019)

 Oh my, what a session today, thank you so much.  Have so much to think about.  You are absolutely beautiful and amazing.  Thank you my saviour.

-Kamlesh Chandel, Accountant (Oct 2019)

 Thank you… for all the help and wisdom you have given me this last year…for paving the way for people like me.  “If she can do it, perhaps I can too.”  Despite challenging beginnings, you showed me not to be defined by them negatively, but instead to use as fuel for positive transformation.

-DW (Dec 2019)

I was gifted a session with Caroline from a very intuitive friend back in early 2017.  It could not have come at a better time as I was going through an unexpected crisis.  The insight, healing and understanding that came from that meeting was nothing short of completely transformational.  I have had many more meetings with Caroline since then.  The work we have done together has not only helped me grow spiritually, this work  has changed the course of my work as a spiritual teacher and has aided me in helping many people on a much deeper and more powerful level.  Through this work with Caroline I am living the life I was meant to live, in the most authentic way.  To say I am grateful for meeting her is an understatement.

-RoseMarie Rubinetti Cappiello

New York, Author- SPEAKING FROM SPIRIT, www.rosemarierubinetticappiello.com (Oct 2019)

Caroline’s presence & approach is very comforting, which makes me feel able to express myself to her & she is able to discern what it is that I am needing if I am having trouble getting to the point. Caroline is also a truth speaker, but not in a way that is harsh, but is woven in a beautiful empathic manner. I am grateful for her wisdom, her years of immersing herself in learning & experience & her help.

My biggest frustration before engaging Caroline was not having clarity. I would have an idea of what it was I was searching for, but seeing Caroline helped me have discernment & a way forward. Previously, I would meditate & also use the tools I have learned to work with to connect with what I would hope was a clear way, but at times, it is difficult to know what is the mind & what is the heart in finding a direction. I chose Caroline, because I trust her, her help creates a space where I am able to unwind a tangled thinking & view the threads as individual & choose which ones that need my attention first, second, etc. This is a real gift to me, since I love having a direction to place my focus & that result is what brings comfort & excitement for the road ahead. Since the change, I have been able to have more confidence & feel strong in situations that I would find quite difficult, mostly, confrontations. Anyone needing some clarity, guidance, who find themselves in a stuck situation, whether it is from within or from the outside, should seek Caroline’s help. People would be missing out on a more fulfilling, engaging, direction filled & abundant life if they missed out on Caroline’s help & guidance.

-Darci Faulkner, Shaman, (September 2019)

Caroline is one of the rare gems of this world. In all my years of personal development, working with Caroline has been the most life-changing, by far. With her many years of experience and extensive toolkit she effectively helped me clear loads of (unconscious) programs and beliefs which started to shift my life in unimaginable ways. I started to make decisions that changed the direction of my life and today I consider myself truly blessed, leading a life of joy, happiness, and abundance. Caroline masters an impressive set of modalities for personal development and uses her innate wisdom in a very grounded way. She is also one of the most loving and kind persons I ever met. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

-Patty Post, Personal Leadership Coach (Aug 2019) via LinkedIn

Thanks so much for all your hard work today and for the fun we had, it’s nice to laugh during healing!”

-DW, New Forest (July 2019)

“Thank you for holding my hand in this and for helping me find the courage…

-NJ, UK (July 2019)

“Hi Caroline, just to keep updated on Your session today. Well something must have happened I was asleep until 5pm. I feel this was part of your healing process. Something must have shifted. Your work that you do is really good! At the time of your session I felt nothing but afterwards something has really shifted and I can’t explain it! It’s amazing! I will continue to do my home work again now I’m feeling better.”

-CB, Hampshire (November 2018)

“I feel so incredibly blessed to have found Caroline and to have the opportunity to work with her.  From the very first email I felt a connection with her. My first session went so deep and we uncovered things that I was not even aware of on a conscious level.  I can’t explain how it works, but what I do know for sure is that I feel a change within me.  I feel so much lighter and I have a deep sense of peace and tranquillity … and above all… a feeling of, “all is well with me and the world.”  Thank you for being with me on this beautiful journey.”

-LS, The Netherlands (2018)

“Hello Caroline, Thank You, Thank you, Thank you!!!  You Are a Blessing!!!  I am feeling so much better right now and my outlook is so positive and i feel WHOLE! OMG I love it!!!  Every time we work together a breakthrough happens  Blessings to you always!”

-DP, Florida (2018)

Caroline Cousins has not only a great amount of professional training in transpersonal modalities including hypnotherapy, but also has a commitment to heart-centered therapeutic excellence in general. Caroline’s uplifting engagement as a student of my Finding True Magic hypnotherapy course was, and is, a great encouragement to me and to others seeking certification in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP.

- Jack Elias, Author of Finding True Magic and Founder of Institute for Therapeutic Learning, taken from LinkedIn 2014

“I am feeling much better since we started the work and really appreciate everything you have helped with. I had a feeling many months ago of almost despair and now I feel the cobwebs are blowing away and I can see the light.”

- RG, Ferndown

“…I may not have won the lottery… yet, but I keep getting given leads and enquiries for the various businesses I’m starting up… it’s quite surreal how they’re all linking up too…”

-MH, Bournemouth

“Thanks so much for Tuesday Caroline. I feel much better with no thoughts or images of a certain nature and I feel so much more positive and relaxed. I even had a tooth removed today with virtually no anxiety. Let’s hope it continues.”

– NW, Bournemouth

“I first approached Caroline because I had anxiety and this affected my driving lessons which I kept failing, Caroline offered me a course … since dealing with Caroline my life has changed over a course. I managed to change my life from my marriage, I studied counselling and completed Reiki. I became a vegetarian and the door to spiritual enlightenment opened for me. I’m not afraid of the woman I became and Caroline helped me to become that woman who I now celebrate… Thank you”

– LM, Southampton

“Well, my goodness, something has most definitely shifted!!!!   I am trying not to over analyse or concentrate too much on what precise transitions are occurring, in case it stops!! If you know what I mean, or I lose trust and then become negative, but you don’t have to be an agnostic to appreciate that this works, most definitely…Do you know, I actually know what it feels like to be nurtured and loved, how amazing is that? I feel confident and have loosened up to the point of laughter, oh joy what a blessing…”

– GK, Southampton

“Just wanted to let you know the results so far, I have started work with an agency, so have money coming in at last! I have an interview for a permanent position tomorrow, and another interview coming up in the next couple of weeks. I have had 3 small wins and just won £100 on the thunderball. Thank you so much.”

-JG, Bournemouth

“I want to thank Caroline Cousins for the work she did on releasing negative energies surrounding our home in Dorset… Almost immediately after her incredibly valuable work, was it rented out finally after a year on the market to be sold or rented. To this end I feel an energetically negative and financial weight has been lifted off our tired shoulders which can help us move on….. Love and a very big thank you to you Caroline for your work. I can happily recommend her for her brilliant work.”

– NB, Hants

“Hi Caroline it’s [name withheld to protect privacy]…I just wanted to take the opportunity of wishing you a very Happy Christmas and also to let you know that since our work together there has been a dramatic turn of events…truly amazing and I have even sent your link out to my dad in for him to understand the therapy.  I feel so happy and balanced and feel in alignment for the first time in [XX] years!  [Name withheld] has committed himself to me and in really giving us the opportunity of a future together…early days and am for the first time really living in the moment and making the best out of every day rather than the past or the future.  That will take care of itself but it is very real and very deep.  He has had an epiphany moment too and has realised he needs to be true to himself and stop being in denial about us.  Work have also agreed to an out of court settlement so it means I can really push forward with the new business.  i have a massive thanks to you for helping me to believe in myself and for breaking the old patterns and mean this from the bottom of my heart.”

– [Name withheld to protect privacy by request], Bournemouth

“The difference in me since the treatment has been phenomenal! It is as if a huge burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, and I now have total freedom from this strange thing that kept happening to me. No more panicking about when I’m going to eat next, or thinking ‘oh no’ whenever I start to feel hungry. I am so relieved.

Thank you so very much for all your help, it to me is invaluable, I have recommended you to a lot of people and I cannot sing your praises enough. Thank you once again, you are an extremely gifted lady!”

– NF, Bournemouth

“During a particularly challenging and difficult period in my life, I turned to Caroline for help. She gently but expertly helped and guided me through the various issues and difficulties I was facing and encouraged me to see things from a different perspective which led me to a new level of understanding.

Not only was Caroline very intuitive, she also suggested very practical ways of dealing with my problems. Caroline was very in tune and she provided great insight into my situation without ever being judgemental. Through her insights she helped me to find my inner strength which enabled me to confront and release the things which were stopping me from moving forward.

In my time of need Caroline provided expert support and guidance. She helped me to get back on track – not only that but on a better track than before. She managed to achieve all this just by telephone sessions.  Thanks to Caroline, I reached a significant turning point in my life and I will be eternally grateful!”

– NA, France

“I have to say that I was a bit sceptical at first of the therapy but it’s really worked wonders so I really thank you for all of your efforts in making it happen.  I feel so much more confident now and I even did a few day’s teaching experience at a school which I would NEVER have had the guts to do before so you’ve helped in a huge way and I am very grateful.”

– Julie, Southampton

“Having been recommended by a friend for weight loss, I found Caroline very friendly, approachable and calming.  Since my visits I have seen my body shape change and my confidence has greatly improved.”

– Sarah, Lymington

“Forgive me for writing to your business address, but I just wanted to write and thank you again so much for such an inspiring reading yesterday. It was the best I have ever had, not only in terms of being completely accurate to what I know now, but giving me such clear guidance for the next, and very important, episode in life. You gave me the ‘big picture’ in such a clear way, and it correlated totally with my astrology. Fabulous, and I feel like I’m still flying today! The questions I had come with seemed insignificant by the end, so irrelevant to where I’m headed. I can’t thank you enough, and you must offer these sessions to people! I came to you as I respect your work and feel that you’re tuned into me (and like you of course!), but it was not a process of evaluation, you were just the only person who came to mind. Strange, but I’m so glad I followed my instinct.”

– PG, Lymington

“The tears continued to flow until I feel asleep, it felt like the biggest release of deeply suppressed emotions from lifetimes ago.  Dreams were vivid as if many past issues had been finally dealt with and put to sleep forever!  Thank you.  Without your help I would have not been ready for the next exciting step my life will soon take.  With love and gratitude.”

– SG Wilts

“I originally approached Caroline for a very specific problem, which she guided me through using sensitivity, directness and at times humour.  The greatest ongoing gift Caroline has given me is the ability to understand my own behaviours and the way other people react to different situations in life.  Applying this knowledge and self-awareness has enabled me to see life from a very different, more positive and calming perspective.

Simplistically Caroline has been a great influence in my life, for which I am truly grateful.”

– Patrick, Hampshire