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What a year 2020 has been and thank goodness it’s over!  Whilst many will breathe a big sigh of relief, thoughts also turn to what ‘delights’ 2021 has in store.  According to many astrologers, we are now within the new 2,150 year old cycle of the Age of Aquarius, which has heralded a phase of making information available, increased communication and transparency, away from the Piscean Age of power and hierarchy.  Why do I mention this?  Well because, whether you believe in the mathematical science of Astrology or not, there’s no denying the world is changing vastly and old, and perhaps worn out structures, are crumbling and new ways of being are emerging.

For those of us who are stuck in old and routinely ways of living, this can be challenging.  Fearful and unsettling thoughts of what comes next can bring uncertainty as we are asked to live, work and shop in new and unfamiliar ways.  We thought this whole pandemic situation would have been done and dusted by now but we’ve been forced to alter our ways of being and live in a more digitalised, and somewhat isolated, society.  This has brought up many deep emotions in people this year as social contact has been at a minimum.  The once reassuring family hug has been reduced to a socially-distanced wave and, for some, a sense of helpless overwhelm as we’ve struggled to adjust to the frustrations of ordering our shopping via the internet.

So, in this rapid and ever-changing world, what happens next?  We have the unprecedented case of the President of the United States refusing to concede the election, new rules coming in on Brexit at the beginning of 2021 and a virus that is still lingering and affecting the most vulnerable, at least for the foreseeable future.  All our livelihoods have been affected, one way or another, and we are being asked to adapt, retrain and continue to distance from each other until such time as vaccinations become available.  Even then, we don’t know what the long-term effects of them or the efficacy will be, as they are hurried through the testing phase.

The world is transforming, whether we like it or not.  This isn’t just happening to the UK, it affects us all globally.  Like all transformations, they are rarely a pleasant and easy experience and, as we ‘detox’ our collective world, so toxins are shed into the system to be released and extradited allowing for a purer and healthier system to emerge behind it.  Revelations continue to appear, leaving us to wonder if, at the bottom of Pandora’s Box, hope will indeed help us to heal the collective scars of the poisons rising rapidly into the global consciousness.

Those familiar with the work of Dr Joe Dispenza [The Power of the Placebo], will tell you that “hope is a beggar”.  What we are being asked to do now is to embody a new way of being.  We have to collectively create what we want to see in the world and “the creative process is not about hoping, wishing, waiting, wanting, trying or looking…. it is about embodying and becoming your creation.”

To rely on old ways of waiting to be told or handing over our power to authorities, as in the past, is a denial of our own individual and collective power to create the kind of world we wish to inhabit – both internally and externally.  We are now being asked to move away from the kind of historic, Orwellian, paternal structures and embody a more supportive, caring, feminine and nurturing world that offers balance, fairness and compassion.

Right now, there are polarised views in the world as to what is happening and where we are going, but that is no bad thing.  People are questioning decision makers and exercising their voice in peaceful protests and building quiet revolutions.  To question is healthy – as is gaining as many facts as you can from a variety of sources.  But to blindly follow as we all have in the past, trusting the information that is given as truth, is a pathway that is now increasingly becoming redundant and, to a degree, ignorant.

One thing is certain.  We cannot continue as we have before as we enter into 2021.  Things have changed and they can never go back to how they used to be.  The world is a constantly evolving environment and we have to make changes locally and nationally, as well as within ourselves, to create a sustaining and healthy world for generations to come.  It is the people that create the world.  We are empowered individuals that can come together as one voice.  Now, more than ever, we are being afforded an opportunity to create a new manifesto for a modern world.  We no longer need to rely on hope but to embody creation and empower ourselves in the process.

Copyright, Caroline Cousins 2021

As published in the AD&T Press [edited version] January 15 2021