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Anger is often seen as a bad thing but it’s only truly destructive if we hold on to it – especially at subconscious levels. It eats away at us and I have found a deep correlation between anger and cancer with many I’ve worked with over the years. When it morphs into resentment I can guarantee there will be a corresponding physical or mental health condition that manifests because of it. Depression and anger are also close buddies in my experience.

Anger in the moment, however, can be useful in terms of assertiveness and boundaries. Of course, we don’t want to use it if it can be avoided, but even the most enlightened souls have experienced it from time to time – even if they do not wish to show it.

What I would call heart-centred anger is when someone has overstepped the mark, perhaps taken advantage, or you have witnessed a situation that is non-respectful or loving and there is a need to express that boundary out of your own, or some else’s, self-respect/self-value. As uncomfortable as it is, sometimes it is necessary to prevent a situation deteriorating further or to draw a line under it.

There are also situations in the world we should be angry at that need changing. All too often we can spiritually bypass these with the mistaken ‘new age’ belief that it is not spiritual to express it; anger channeled constructively can lead to an assertiveness for change and transformation.

It’s all too easy for apathy to move in and to accept the path of least resistance and that’s how accepting others’ poor behaviours become embedded and our self-worth gets eaten away.

Healthy expression is not always possible in childhood. We can be bullied, controlled, grow up with narcissistic parents, told to shut up, endure abuse and so on. All this stuff gets repressed as the years go by and we learn survival mechanisms that make us feel safe in our environment.

It’s not until we start looking honestly at ourselves that we begin to see that what we’ve constructed no longer benefits us in adulthood. We emerge with an inability to express ourselves, blocked throat chakras and often complex PTSD, which leads to not only poor health conditions but lack of confidence, stuck patterns and unhelpful behaviours.

Life isn’t meant to be a struggle but we have to unpack these bad boys in our suitcase of life before we can turn the rest of it into a wonderful adventure.

Transformation is not a walk in the park either. The deeper we go, the greater the emotion and resistance from the ego to let go.

But it has to begin somewhere. It’s not an overnight weekend break but a long term exploration that can reveal the most magnificent truths about who you really are and that leads to greater abundance in all areas of your life as you unpack the limitations and unleash the potential.

If you want to transform your life, you have to start looking deeper at why it hasn’t been what you wanted originally. It has to start sometime. 10 years can fly by in a flash these days. How long are you going to wait to start?