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When something first gets discovered it’s given a label which represents the energy of that event/discovery/experience, at that moment in time.  For example, when the whole hippie-fuelled, flower-power awakening emerged, in the 1960s, it was labelled “new age”, and there was talk then about “ascension”, “paradigm shifts”, and the dawning of the “Age of Aquarius”.  That was the energy for that time and those were the labels attached to it but they are no longer appropriate to use because they represent “old” energy.  The same principle applies to other terms used and if I had a pound for every reincarnation of Mary Magdalene I have met over the years, I would have enough to buy a new car by now! 

These terms go in trends and with the explosion of social media, they then become labels that everyone uses day in and day out as part of a so-called spiritual movement and they almost become banners that people identify with to show they are part of that particular community.  For example, there is a common trend to “find your tribe”, or call fellow females interested in the spiritual pathway as “siSTARS”, and so on.  People have an innate need to “fit in” with a community and so adopt this language in order to do so but, in so doing, they lose their individuality and uniqueness. 

Energy changes all the time and as soon as there is a new discovery of some kind, there is a new label attached to it and that represents the energy of that particular moment.  If we continue to use those labels, i.e. “ascension” or “paradigm shift”, then without realising it, we are holding on to old energy that is no longer relevant and it is actually having the opposite effect intended by stopping us from moving on, because we begin to identify with this old energy.  How often these days do we hear people talk about “ascension symptoms” and they put every virus, feeling or event down to “ascension”, still thus attaching to that old energy and reinforcing it constantly, without realising it.  The more people do this, the more they identify themselves with this old energy, encouraged by others who are already entrenched.  Of course, we can be forgiven for doing so because when we see so many prominent personalities referencing this on social media, and further reinforced by major publishers, it is an entirely natural process for people to replicate what most others are following in order not to separate from the masses.  Security in numbers. 

The same principle applies to this current trend of needing to “find your tribe”.  We are already a “tribe” of over 7 billion people on this planet but suddenly, there is a need to use ancient terms as a sort of spiritual language in order to fit in.  If we are not feeling like we fit in anywhere then we have to go within and ask ourselves why?  No amount of “finding your tribe” will satisfy that need, except for some temporary abatement.  It will relate to a much deeper insecurity about yourself and before long, you will find that your “tribe” isn’t giving you what you thought it would, thereby sending you in search of a different “tribe” or other experiences.

You will never find an enlightened master using the terms of tribe, ascension, paradigm shifts, etc.  These are all limitations created by human minds.  To label something is to limit it.  You cannot put a boundary on something energetic.  As an old mentor of mine once said, “if you can’t put it in a wheelbarrow, it doesn’t exist”, but, as humans, we have to label things so we can identify with them.  It makes us feel more in control in some small, insignificant way, by thinking that we understand it if we label it.

We forget we are creative beings totally unique aspects of the Divine Whole and it is vital we don’t lose ourselves in the fray of becoming part of a trend in order to satisfy a deep belonging to be part of something or part of a community.  But doing that means we are in grave danger of losing our own identity or rather our own uniqueness in the process and so surrendering our creativity and freedom for that deeper desire to be accepted.

If we want real progress, we have to be prepared to challenge the status quo and converse directly with the Divine and allow ourselves to be individual as creation intended.  The human brain is the most evolved on this earth.  Why do we, then, want to dumb it down and behave as animals do in packs and their communities?  Surely, we have progressed from associating with “tribes”?  Tribes are about separation.  Wars and battles are fought over tribes.  We do not need to be return to a tribal culture, no matter what the sincere, “new age” intention is of setting up these groups out of shared interests.  Fundamentally, these are about belonging.  That human need to belong, but it goes much deeper than that within our psyche.  Belonging is a deep ancestral need to know we matter and that we are not separate from Divinity itself.

We are born to discover our uniqueness and be that individual expression of Love/Divinity/Wholeness, and that means not following the crowd but going within.  In that silence will we find the inspiration to be ourselves in all our wonderment and in that, we discover creation.  What a crazy, wonderful, exciting, brilliant adventure life becomes then!  Dare to be different.  Dare to be individual.  Dare to be unique.  But, most of all, dare to be you!