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Many of us working in the energetic fields have received information about this latest mutation of the Corona -virus and, here is what I understand it to be related to, below:

The virus is related to freedom energetically. Thought to have originated from bats held in tiny cages, the effect of the virus is that it puts people into isolation and feelings of being trapped, and the best way to deal with it is to find ways, within yourself, to find that freedom rather than feeling victim to it.

If you are able to go out for fresh air walks without infecting or coming into contact with people, that is a great way to counteract its energy. Alternatively, if you are in quarantine, accept the situation with grace and find ways to constructively use your time by using your creative skills, turning that sense of helplessness into one of empowerment – thus bringing a sense of freedom into your quarantined world.

It also has the added bonus for the world of acting as a reset – or rebirth, hence the timing of it. Pollution is drastically reduced, community spirit is rekindled and values are placed higher on the agenda. We have a surge of compassion and connectivity coming in, despite the isolation and borders closing. The connection is always through the heart and no physical border can ever stop that, so find time to reach out with love to neighbours, family, friends and others in the world.

It’s not about fixing the virus. There will always be viruses and mutations of them. It is about shifting ourselves consciously in such a way that they cannot compromise us and living more in harmony with nature, who will always lead the way. So any efforts to kill, stop or cleanse the virus is futile and naive right now. Focus instead on shifting your own consciousness and building immunity and community..

It’s a good idea to use this time to work on your inner world, start a book, paint, draw, plan a strategy, and so on, for when normal service resumes – which it will in due course. Many things will have changed – or reset. Values will have shifted. Priorities also. So, it’s a great opportunity now to highlight how we can best serve the world moving forward in however small a way. We are all in this together.

For me, it is business as usual, so I am still doing online 1 to 1 sessions and SRT clearings, as normal, so if you feel this whole situation is bringing stuff up in you, please do drop me a line and let’s use this gift of time constructively as it will be full steam ahead once the situation dies down.

Until then, focus on building the immunity, the community and the freedom/empowerment, not on the fearful aspects, and take care of yourselves and, if you can, find ways to bring in more fun and laughter.