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With the weather warming up and the lockdown continuing now into its fifth week, it is only natural that frustration is starting to kick-in for some people and a sense of rebellion is in the air.  Whilst the vast majority of the public are staying indoors and taking only essential exercise, the temptation is growing increasingly to break free and escape the clutches of our self-isolated four walls and discover a new adventure to new lands – well, at least futher away from the same street.

Isolation-fatigue has become the new “norm” and that sense of antsy escapism is clawing at our feet willing the hairdressers to open with all our might whilst dreaming of frequenting the local pub for a hearty social gathering that we once took for granted.

With this fatigue comes temptation.  Temptation to walk further, risk a longer car journey, maybe meet up with people in the fresh air – after all, who would know?  As Brits we are used to having our freedom to do what we want when we want and being instructed to sit tight until we are given the green light is hard for us, no matter how sincere the motive.

Right now, it is critical that we hold-tight to our objective.  We are nearly at the turning-point and the relentless warnings of the last few weeks are starting to lose their novelty factor and apathy is setting-in.  You can see it happening globally not just at UK levels.  Patience is wearing thin, people are complaining increasingly and attitudes are starting to change from one of solidarity to injustice.

It’s tempting to let things slide at this stage, so here are some simple tips to keep us all focussed.

  1. Remind yourself this is temporary and appreciate what you can right now. It’s not always easy if you are in a challenging household but find ways to create space and harmony.  If you are able to go online, find a support group if you are isolating alone.
  2. Challenge yourself with something new every single day – it could be something to learn about yourself, or even a new dietary or exercise routine. Starting healthy habits now gives you a greater chance to stick to them once you get back to everyday living.
  3. Keep a journal of your feelings that are emerging. What have you learned about yourself?  What will you do differently in the future?  This is a golden opportunity to make the changes now and create a brighter future.
  4. Write a bucket list of all the things you want to do this year and next and prioritise it. Perhaps create a vision board of all the things you would like to happen.  They are a great way to bring the creative to life and programme the subconscious mind.
  5. Think about how can you better serve and contribute to your community once the lockdown has ended. What will you do differently? Perhaps you can fundraise or set up new projects to bring people together.  When we return to our new normal, we have a golden opportunity of doing things differently and creating the kind of local environment we all want.